Own 4x4 map. From the very beginning, the idea was to base the map on some real area. After a long search, the island of Bora-Bora was chosen.

Server rates 2x - experience, 2x - speed. 1 - combat rating.


  • Alchemy - adds a new craft to the alchemy section (oils and potions, a la Witcher).
  • Announcer - notifies about the player's entry/exit into the game world.
  • Armour Stands - new armor racks.
  • Armoury - changing the properties of weapons and armor.
  • Better Dig - simplifies digging in comparison with the standard one (the earth will be stacked not in inventory, but on the floor or in transport).
  • Better Farm - improves farming, allows you to perform operations with plants and fields in the area, as well as expands the list of plants for growing in pots.
  • Bora-Bora Tweaks - prohibits twinkies, removes money from grass (forage), accelerates distillation with reference to the quality of the distiller, adds a search function for unique creatures to Locate Artifact, prohibits pumping without additional affinity for 30, 50, 70, 90 skills - quests are being implemented to obtain affinity. Recipes for food from the start are limited to basic ones, all other recipes fall from mobs (1-25% chance depending on the strength of the mob) and from treasures. A separate group of recipes falls from unique monsters...
  • Bulk Mod - allows you to put hot metal in a bun.
  • Bulk Separated - adds quality sorting in repositories.
  • Buyer Merchant - merchants who buy goods from players.
  • Creature Age Mod - accelerates the growth of animals to adulthood.
  • Crop Mod - your crop will not ripen.
  • Custom NPC - adds custom NPCs to fill the world.
  • Custom Traider - to replace the royal merchant, to sell goods. The products are updated at a specified interval.
  • Delivery Contracts - contracts for the supply of wholesale products.
  • Discord Relay - broadcasts messages to Discord.
  • Distant Rendering - increase the rendering of trees. Requires installation of the client part.
  • DUSKombat - necessary for Wyvern Mod, changes combat mechanics. Increases the value of rare weapons.
  • Dyemaker - a tool for easy mixing of paints.
  • Fishmonger - a buyer of catch from fishermen.
  • Halloween - extra buns for the holiday.
  • Harvest Helper - informs about the harvest seasons. Adds the /seasons command.
  • Hitching Post - adds animal tethers (requires the client to install modloader for correct operation).
  • Hitch Limits - removes some restrictions on harnessed animals.
  • Info mod - the INFO tab in the game.
  • Location Command - adds a command to find out your coordinates /location
  • Loot tables - customizable drop from mobs.
  • Mail Merchants - Right mouse click at the post office - View merchants. Gives access to merchants via mail if a mailbox is installed next to the merchant.
  • Meditate Mod - simplifies meditation: it does not require moving between tiles and there is no delay.
  • Merchant decay prevention - goods do not rot in merchants. It will allow you to sell food.
  • Move Mod - allows to adjust the speed of movement of players and vehicles.
  • Move to center - the option to place the object in the center of the tile.
  • Pet Commandoh - additional control of tamed animals.
  • Rift Mod is a periodic event for the extraction of rift resources needed to create runes. It also brings money, moon metals and there is a chance to get other rare things.
  • Roll - the command /roll in the chat to distribute loot in case of a conflict of interest.
  • Sacrifice mod - there is a chance to get a strange bone for donating rare items.
  • Server Tweaks - fixes some bugs, increases the rate of appearance of unique creatures, increases their drop. If the mayor of the settlement is absent for a long time, it increases the content.
  • Spellcraft - new cups for all the priests. Expand, Harden, Titan forge and others. The quality and rarity of the statuette affects the power of enchantment. Being in your god's domain increases the power of enchantment.
  • Spell mod - removes the limitations of the priests.
  • Starter Gear - adjusts the initial equipment of the player. In our case, there is only one Staff left.
  • Taxidermy - allows you to create stuffed animals. The taxidermist's kit requires the fine carpentry skill. Karma is also needed for animated scarecrows.
  • Timer Fix - fixes the timers of some skills so that the acceleration of actions works correctly.
  • Treasure Hunting - adds treasure maps to the game. Treasure hunting is not a bad way to earn money, as well as rare items.
  • Waxed Food - adds the ability to make a decorative element out of food. It doesn't spoil, but you can't eat it.
  • Wyvern Mods - Food gives not 10%, but 25% of the experience. The higher the quality of the bed, the more sleep bonus is gained during sleep. New monsters. Larger than the allowed size of the house. The price of mail has been reduced. When using LiveMap, with the growth of Prospecting, the veins will be visible further. At 90+ skill, Mastercraft begins to work - less complexity of crafting / improvisation. The maximum enchantment is 200. Adds Epic Titans to the game for a very large group of people.

The Council has determined payments for infrastructure facilities:

  • tower 20q - 1 silver
  • tower 50q - 2 silver
  • rare tower + 1 silver
  • 100 road tiles in length, 2 tiles wide with a maximum height difference of 15 - 50 copper
  • filling on both sides (gravel/sand) and cat's eyes + 50 copper
  • bridges and tunnels are paid additionally in agreement with the administration

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