Ariadne's Labyrinth

Bora-Bora labyrinth

Greetings, traveler!

When the settlers arrived on the island, one of the interesting finds was the labyrinth. It was not possible to understand by whom it was built and when. Later it turned out that it is constantly changing and there is no definite solution.

The elders decided to use this maze to identify worthy masters of their craft! Therefore, you are entitled to a reward for completing the maze for a while.

If you are stuck at 30, 50 or 70 in any of the skills, then find an NPC with a task to unlock the profession. For skills without a task, you can go through the maze and get affinity!

Every attempt is not free.

The labyrinth is located in the capital. Look for Ariadne.

Unsent mail

Dear relatives! Since the ship on which I sailed home never arrived at the port of destination, you probably can't find a place for yourself. With this letter, I hasten to reassure you and assure you that everything is fine with me, even though I have gone through many difficulties and trials.

A week after sailing from the port of the city where I worked, clouds began to gather over the sides of the ship and a storm came in the evening. The last thing I remember is a huge wave, a terrible cracking of wood and screams of people.
I woke up already in bed. After looking around, I realized that this was the infirmary. In every corner of the spacious room lay the same poor people as me, we were all lucky to survive this crash.

For several days after waking up, I still came to my senses and did not get out of bed. Local doctors reported that I was washed up on the shore of the island of Bora Bora. The name was given to it by the settlers, who recently discovered it themselves. The storm battered not only my body, but also my belongings, I left the infirmary in rags. Weapons, armor and tools are now lying somewhere on the ocean floor. Since the island had only recently been discovered, there were almost no buildings and supplies on it. All that my rescuers were able to highlight was a simple wooden crutch (Staff) on which I will rely until my body gets stronger.

Being a city dweller, I had no idea where to start in this wild place. It was lucky that there were kind and sympathetic people among the settlers who gave advice. One of the old men kept muttering that once upon a time the first people of the earth also did not have tools, houses and fields, and the forest provided everything necessary for survival. That's where he sent me to do Foraging until I find bandages (Cotton) and branches (Branch). I came out of the forest near the mountain, there was cotton in my pockets, and an armful of branches hung behind my back. A small group of people was bustling under the mountain, someone was digging the entrance to the future mine, someone was looking for a place for a well, and one of the settlers was searching with his hands and studying every ledge of rocks (Rummage). Watching him, I guessed that from the found pieces of stone (Stone shards) and iron ore (Iron rock), he collected a primitive stone knife (crude knife). After talking with him, it already became clear why I was advised to collect branches, from one of them he cut out a shaft for me. Smiling and seeing in my eyes a complete misunderstanding of what to do with it, he handed me a stone knife and stones that he found on the same mountain. For several hours I practiced carving the first tool heads out of stone, when the blades of the pickaxe, shovel and axe were ready, I showed how to connect them. My stomach was already grumbling from all this work, and as if to spite me, a fragrant trail of pig cooking on a campfire stretched from the entrance of the mine. As it turned out, the branches that I found in the forest under the trees came in handy here. The residents turned out to be kind people and invited me to the campfire, during conversations with whom I learned how to make it, all I had to do was combine a wooden kindling and sawdust (Wood scrap). The blacksmith sitting next to me gave advice for the future, when I have a forge, it will be much more difficult to light it than a bonfire. Although it seemed to me quite simple, all you need to do is put any wooden object into the fire, for example, such as a log, board or branch. When this item lights up and begins to receive damage from gorenje, get it out and, if there is a ignition in the pockets, apply it to the stove (Light).

The ink is coming to an end, so I will round it off. I hope my letter was able to calm you down, I do not know when I will be able to return home... and whether I want to, the island is dangerous, with its wild forests and fields, but still beautiful. Most of the people I met here were kind to me, I think you can rely on them and try to build something of your own, the benefit of the local municipality generously pays settlers for resources and work, hunting and fishing, the main thing is not to be lazy.

by Siraelitilgail

How to install mods


  • download by the link;
  • unpack the contents of the to the "WurmLauncher" folder so that the mods folder is in the same folder as WurmLauncher.exe ;
  • unpack the contents of the mods you need so that the contents end up in the mods folder;
  • run patcher.bat;
  • run Wurm Unlimited as usual.


Since there is no automatic update of mods, updating mods is a replacement of the contents in the mods folder. If the modlauncher itself is being updated, then the steps are similar to the installation.

List of mods

You can view the list of available mods by clicking on the link.

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