Recomendations for NPC

For quest NPCs who can visit your settlement, the following recommendations:

  • the type of walls of the building must correspond to the profession, that is, in slate/marble/sand walls, professions associated with nature will not be comfortable to live in.
  • the size of the room is 4 workers + 4 living cells (tiles), divided among themselves so that the zoning is clearly visible. maybe 2 floors: The 1st floor is working, the 2nd is residential.
  • for a living room, you need, for example: a bed, a table, a chair, a chest, lighting, a set of dishes (plate, spoon, fork, knife, mug / decanter) - you cannot use this room yourself.
  • for non-residential premises: themed decoration items, for example: for a fisherman - fishing rods in a rack, net, barrels, ropes, flashlight, FSB, refrigerator, aries... to make it clear that you belong to a profession. The player can use this room for his own needs.
  • it is possible to build combined houses, that is, several NPCs can be under the same roof, but have their own zones. The living rooms are separate, and the working rooms can be combined, observing the minimum volume per NPC.

Creativity is welcome!

A list of NPCs with the proposed division into houses, but you can populate yourself as you want:

  • Barracks: Archer, Knight, Berserk, Thief, Engineer
  • Smith: Blacksmith, Weaponer, Armourer, Jeweler
  • Carpentry: Woodcutter, Bowmaker, Carpenter
  • Masonry: Mason, Miner, Paver
  • Pottery: Potter, Digger, Coalmaker
  • Tailoring: Tailor (+rope), Tanner (Leather), Alchemist
  • Kitchen: Chef (baker+hot food), Butcher (+daily +milking), Moonshiner (+miller)
  • Forester (+gardening), Farmer (forage+botanize), Tamer(+husbandry), Fisherman)
  • Hospital: Healer, Priest, Scriber

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