• Fight with unique creatures

    Gain powerful items and became stronger!

  • Make the best drink

    Give your friends a stronger drink or warm up by the fireplace on a cold winter evening!

  • Build your own settlement

    Don't forget about the decorations and lighting.

  • Relax in the tavern after a long journey

    What could be better than a delicious meal over a mug of ale after traveling to distant lands?!

Playing Wurm Unlimited, you can draw a parallel with the good old UO. There are no Korean levels, the skills swing as you use them. An advanced system of modular construction of houses, a changeable landscape, a huge number of recipes, ships, wagons, mounts… It doesn't make sense to list all the content. Getting involved in the gameplay is very difficult to break away.

In order to achieve something worthwhile in this game, you need to spend more than one month. The game is more suitable for those who do not like to rush.

The player can define the role of activities for himself, concentrate on one thing (for example: being a carpenter), join some collective (village) and feel comfortable exchanging goods.

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